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Application of Magnetic Separator in Iron Powder Sorting
Apr 27, 2018

Application of Magnetic Separator in Iron Powder Sorting

In order to gain market recognition and users' approval, we have added high magnetic strength properties to our magnetic separators. To make it have some clear features for user-friendly applications. At present, China's industrial magnetic separators are used in many areas in the removal of iron from fine non-magnetic materials such as abrasives, refractory materials, chemical raw materials, carbon black, silicon carbide, ceramics, and coatings. This kind of iron removal equipment has many structural forms. Its common features are high magnetic field strength and large magnetic field gradient. The disadvantages are that it is easy to clog, the processing capacity is small, the cleaning of magnetic materials is difficult, and most of them are intermittent work. Magnetic separation has made great progress in recent years. The driving force for the magnetic separation process innovation and its great achievements are also that the process can be used in different industrial sectors.

In the entire process of iron powder sorting, we strive to simplify the structure of the magnetic separator so that it can be mounted directly on the head of the belt conveyor. Also, it can be configured as a separate dry magnetic separator. During magnetic separation, the magnetic material will be absorbed as the belt moves to the top of the drum, and will fall off automatically when it is turned to the bottom, and the non-magnetic material will fall directly along the horizontal parabolic track. The enhanced magnetic separator can operate with a feed size of 350mm, which is one of the few magnetic separators currently available that can achieve this breadth.

Magnetic separator is used to remove iron powder in the reuse of powdered particles, magnetic separators are widely used in resource recovery, wood industry, mining, kiln, chemical, food and other workshops, applicable to magnetic materials with a particle size of 3mm or less The wet magnetic separation of iron ore, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, and ilmenite is also used in the iron removal of coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials. It is widely used in the industry and has high versatility. Kind of one.