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Construction waste iron remover recreates urban architecture
Apr 26, 2018

Construction waste iron remover recreates urban architecture

With the rapid development of urban construction, the amount of construction waste is increasing day by day. Large-scale construction and demolition will inevitably generate large amounts of construction waste. However, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, we produce the construction waste iron remover (RCDB dry electromagnetic iron remover), the internal use of electrical special resin pouring, self-cooled fully sealed structure.

After sorting, the construction waste is removed through our waste remover to remove the iron contained in the waste. After being crushed by coarse crushing, intermediate crushing, and even fine crushing equipment, the waste is processed into recycled sand aggregate with a certain grain size, and then used for road bed stone. Burn-free bricks, cement admixtures and many other aspects.

Construction waste iron remover (RCDB dry electromagnetic separator) is a kind of iron removal device for removing iron in powder or block non-magnetic materials. Its internal tree is cast with electrician's exclusive, self-cooled fully sealed structure. With the characteristics of large depth of penetration, strong suction, dust-proof, rain-proof, and corrosion resistance, it can still operate reliably in extremely harsh environments. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, thermal power, chemical, building materials and other industries. Reliable protection is provided for the recovery of magnetic materials and the prevention of damage and abrasion of mechanical devices such as grinders, crushers and the like.

The implementation of the recycling of construction waste now has not only huge environmental benefits but also huge economic benefits. The construction waste disposal companies have greatly saved investment costs.