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Application of Magnetic Iron Removal System in Mining and Metallurgy
Apr 28, 2018

Application of Magnetic Iron Removal System in Mining and Metallurgy


The iron removal system has emerged with the development of a new era. The development of the iron remover can make the green industrial system develop with low input and high output, develop the economy with a small resource cost, protect the ecological environment with a small economic cost, and contribute to improving the human environment. Fly ash, a thermal power plant waste that occupies a large area and pollutes the environment, has also become an important raw material for the cement industry and building materials industry. Iron separators can also significantly improve the quality of raw materials.

HTK magnetic iron removal system has its unique magnetic circuit design for multiple separation of selected materials, so that ferromagnetic debris is absorbed from the magnetic mineral material in a manner with less ore to protect the subsequent crushing equipment. . It is a good choice to clean the material and recover the mixed iron to protect the next process equipment.

The magnetic circuit of HTK magnetic iron removal system is designed by computer simulation. The magnetic field design is unique, and the depth of magnetic permeability is large and the magnetic field is strong. In combination with a metal detector, it is composed of an automatic detection iron removal system with no leakage of iron. Intermittent excitation, low energy consumption, stable and reliable performance. The multi-stage repeated magnetic separation is adopted in the sorting area to ensure that the amount of ore is less when the iron is removed. Automatic iron unloading, simple maintenance, drum drum structure, with automatic correction function, special fully sealed bearing seat, to adapt to the site of large dust occasions, can achieve long-term trouble-free operation. The product has good compatibility and complete functions. It has manual and centralized control functions and can meet the requirements for use in various occasions.

In our magnetic ore removal system, in the mineral processing and metallurgical industries, the transport of magnetic materials (original ore, ore, pellets, sinter, etc.) is mostly carried by belt conveyors, and many processing facilities are also needed. It is very difficult to avoid incorporation of iron plates, iron pieces, etc., which are a great threat to conveyors and equipment in the next process. The removal of iron is directly related to conveyors, crushers, sieve plates, and funnels. Such as whether the normal operation, therefore, to solve the problem of iron removal of magnetic materials is of great significance to improve the mineral separation, metallurgical industry production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs.