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​Characteristics and Principles of Magnetic Separator in Liquid Slurry Pipe
Apr 29, 2018

Characteristics and Principles of Magnetic Separator in Liquid Slurry Pipe


In the liquid slurry transportation process, when the iron-containing liquid or slurry passes, the iron impurities in the slurry are adsorbed on the magnetic rod sleeve by the magnetic action of the strong magnetic rod, which greatly reduces the iron in the slurry. Impurities ensure that the next process can effectively control the iron impurity content.

The liquid pipe separators are specially designed to remove tiny ferromagnetic metal particles in various liquid and pasty products. Strong magnetism can even remove low-magnetic stainless steel particles from the product stream, ensuring fast and effective impurity separation.

Working principle: The fluid filter is made of high quality seamless stainless steel pipe and rare earth alloy NdFeB, and made by special manufacturing method (magnetic bar), installed in the whole body made of high quality seamless stainless steel pipe The flange is used to install it in the pipeline of the production line or at the discharge port. When the iron-containing liquid or slurry passes, it is attracted by the magnetic rod, and the iron-containing material is firmly adsorbed on the pipe wall to ensure The integrity of the equipment and the safety of the product.

Product features: This product uses rare earth alloy neodymium iron boron as a magnetic source, long service life, no energy, no pollution, simple structure, easy to use, full-grid array of magnetic system, making full use of magnetic regions, multi-layer design , layer filtration, in addition to more thorough iron, the effect is more pronounced. Surface material: stainless steel SUS304 There are two ways to interface, A. flange connection; B. fast interface connection.

Scope of application: Fluid filters are mainly used to remove ferromagnetic impurities in liquids and slurries. They are widely used in food, plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, environmental protection, paints, dyes and other industries.

The size, length, and frame shape of magnetic bars can be customized to your requirements. Please tell me the magnetic rod diameter, length, and magnetism of your needs. You can also tell us your application. We will recommend a product that suits you.