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What is the effect of strong magnets on the industry?
Sep 04, 2017

  What is the effect of strong magnets on the industry?

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  1, powerful magnets with small size, light weight and strong magnetic characteristics, is by far the best cost performance of the magnet. Magnet as a third generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials, has a high cost performance, its widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, IT, home appliances and other industries, especially with the information technology as the representative of the knowledge economy development, To the rare earth permanent magnet industry and other functional materials continue to bring new uses, which for the NdFeB industry to bring a broader market prospects.

  2, strong magnets for the original material after the hydrogen crushing of the powder produced by the beginning of the shape called rough, late according to customer requirements can be processed in different shapes, such as: disc-shaped magnet, ring magnet, box-shaped magnet, drilling Shaped magnets, trapezoidal magnets, concavo-convex magnets, run-shaped magnets, and some irregularly shaped magnets. Strong magnet performance, according to the different magnetic energy product performance is different, can achieve the magnetic force is different.

  Powerful magnets are the main ancillary products of various electronic products, whether it is consumer appliances and industrial products such as computers, communications equipment, automobiles, and the defense industry are inseparable from the magnetic material. Magnetic materials in the long-term market prospects are very bright, China's magnetic materials products in the global position will be further improved. Hope to help you!