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Magnetic paper is also called electrochemical paper
Sep 04, 2017

  Magnetic paper is also called electrochemical paper.

  It is through the ordinary raw materials by adding some special chemical substances, and make it under pressure or heat after the electrochemical reaction and show its special function. Paper contains different chemical substances, Magnetic paper the electrochemical changes are not the same, or the same as the tape recording, or with a hard pen to write and write can show the character traces, or the color of the paper can change with the surrounding temperature, So the function of electrochemical paper is not the same.

  Scientists developed into a "recorder", can radio radio received news broadcast into text, the electrochemical paper into the "recorder", Magnetic paper you can automatically print out the "news newspaper" to. After reading, remove the text on the paper mark, you can re-use.

  There are an electrochemical paper, seven stacked together, rolled on the printer, as long as the steel word gently touched the first piece of paper surface, no ink ribbon or copy paper, the remaining six will be printed on the same text, Magnetic paper so printing More convenient.

  The electrochemical paper treated with the liquid crystal compound can report the surrounding temperature changes. A red electrochemical paper, hand touched the paper after the green, toward the paper blowing breath, but also yellow; even sooner or later, the color of the paper will automatically change, the industry with this paper Detection of temperature. The market to see the Lunar card thermometer, put it on the forehead for a while, Magnetic paper will "tell" your body temperature is normal. This is also the kind of electrochemical paper.