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What Are the Reasons For Aging Of NdFeB Magnets?
Mar 25, 2018

What Are the Reasons for Aging Of NdFeB Magnets?

Aging, I believe we are not unfamiliar with it; machinery and equipment parts will have aging, sooner or later; Looking at the protection situation, NdFeB permanent magnets will be aging too, then what are the reasons for aging of NdFeB magnets?

There are two main reasons for the aging of NdFeB magnet.

1. Moist

The humid or salty environment is not conducive to the preservation of NdFeB. Prolonged exposure to this environment will cause NdFeB surface corrosion, resulting in the emergence of NdFeB aging.

The solution is that the plating should be selected from the 24-hour salt spray test plating or the 48- and 72-hour salt spray test plating for a longer period of time. It is not clear that the magnet coating is recommended for reading. “What are the neodymium iron boron magnetic surface treatment methods?”

2. High Temperature

NdFeB has N grade, M grade, and other materials of different grades.

Different grades have different maximum operating temperatures and Curie temperatures. For example, N-grade NdFeB grades have a maximum operating temperature of 80°C. Above this temperature, the magnetic properties of NdFeB are lost. At the Curie temperature, it loses its magnetism completely. In general, when the highest temperature is reached, the magnet will be damaged, resulting in aging damage of NdFeB.