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magnets and sensor
Mar 23, 2018

Magnets and Sensor

The sensor is a detection device that is widely used in many industries such as the automotive industry, communications electronics, and industrial automation. It consists of permanent magnets, detection gears, internal gears, etc., forming a closed magnetic field detection loop. When the detection gear rotates with the axis of the sensor, the magnetic flux changes, and an induced voltage whose frequency changes in proportion to the magnetic flux is established across the coil. The magnetic flux fluctuates with frequency f=speed (r/min)√ónumber of teeth/60 (Hz) and is output as a sensor rotation speed signal.

Sensor Magnet.jpg

Why is there a magnet on the sensor? What is the main purpose of installing a magnet on a sensor?

The Hall sensor is used to detect the magnetic field, so it is normal to use the magnet to test, mainly to detect the role of the pulse signal.

What are the main sensors that need to use a magnet?

Non-contact sensors use magnetic materials! Such as Hall sensors, inductive sensors, etc. It is a matching work with magnets! Used to detect the magnetic field size! Or use this principle! Ferromagnetic material can be detected by adding magnetic material to the sensor.

The magnets used for different sensors are all different. There is a need for sensor magnets for purchase. The Hall sensor magnets are customized.