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The principle and characteristics of iron remover
May 29, 2018

The principle and characteristics of iron remover

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The “iron remover” is a kind of magnetic attraction equipment that can remove the ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material to ensure that the mechanical equipment such as the crusher and grinding machine in the delivery system can work safely and effectively, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent the The occurrence of accidents in the long iron cutting conveyor belt can also significantly improve the quality of raw materials. According to the way of unloading iron, it can be divided into manual unloading iron, automatic unloading iron and program control unloading iron and other work methods. Due to different occasions and different magnetic circuit structures, various series of products have been formed.

The principle of the iron remover: When the bulk material conveyed by the belt conveyor passes through a magnetic separator (ie, a rotating DC magnet) mounted on a rear bracket, the ferromagnetic debris in the material is sucked, and the ferromagnetic material is removed from the iron tape. Remove the debris from the roller to the drum motor to achieve the effect of braking iron removal.

Iron separators are widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal preparation plants, power plants, ceramics, glass, cement, building materials, chemical, food, and feed processing industries. In the waste treatment industry, steel from iron separators is also required for recycling. The iron remover has been used in large steel companies, as well as in metal mines, power plants, light industry, and refractory materials, and has played a huge role.

The iron remover is suitable for removing iron from the materials in various industries and can realize continuous suction and abandonment of iron.

Classification of separators: self-cooled electromagnetic self-unloading iron separators, self-cooling electromagnetic iron separators, permanent magnetic drum type magnetic separators, suspended oil-cooled electromagnetic iron separators, suspended cold air electromagnetic separators, manual permanent magnet separators, Lifting electromagnets, armored permanent-magnet self-unloading iron separators, and dry-type self-unloading electromagnetic iron separators are divided into automatic iron removal and manual iron removal according to the mode, and can be divided into RCDB, RCDD and RCDE models according to the model number. .

Electromagnetic iron remover main features

1. The fully sealed natural cooling structure can effectively prevent the turbidity of the iron separator coils caused by moisture, dust and harmful gases. It has strong adaptability to the climate and environment, and has a reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and safe and reliable use.

2, the use of good magnetic circuit design, magnetic permeability depth, and the magnetic field geometry is approximately rectangular hemispherical, so it has stronger iron removal capacity than other similar products.

3. The iron remover coil is treated by a special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil. The coil has good integrity, rapid heat dissipation, low temperature rise, and long service life.

4, the product supporting performance is good, all kinds of rectifier equipment features are available, can adapt to the requirements of various occasions.

Permanent magnet separator features

1. The strong magnetic core composed of high-strength permanent magnets can absorb ferromagnetic impurities buried deeper in the material. At the same time can save a lot of power.

2, the magnetic field distribution is reasonable, magnetic permeability depth, magnetic field constant attenuation is small. At the same time, the magnetic pole adsorption area is large enough to ensure that there is enough time to pick up ferromagnetic debris from sports materials.

3. The structure of the whole machine is simpler than that of the electromagnetic iron remover, and no rectifier excitation system is needed, no cooling system is needed, and there is no need for the production of the metal control meter. Can guarantee long-term trouble-free operation.