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Dump-type separator features - energy saving, environmental protection, and durability
May 28, 2018

Dump-type separator features - energy saving, environmental protection, and durability

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Discharge type iron separator features

1. Energy saving, environmental protection, and durability: Due to the use of permanent magnets as the source of suction, power as the slag discharge power, and the design scheme of intermittent slag action, the dumper iron separator has a compact structure, low power consumption, and stable and reliable operation. Liner is made of special wear-resistant material.

2. The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, low in failure rate and easy to use.

3. Novel structure, high efficiency of removing iron: change the traditional magnetic drum removal mode, innovations from principle to structure, using high temperature, strong magnetic NdFeB magnetic materials, using multiple sets of moving magnetic groups to capture iron impurities, The iron removal efficiency is greatly improved, and the mixed ferromagnetic impurities in the powder below 125° C. can be continuously and completely removed. The iron outlet is connected with the sorting device so that the discharged iron is not ashed.

4. It is easy to install and use: As long as there is a space of about one meter two, the machine can be connected in series in the powder conveying pipeline. The external dimensions can also be designed independently according to the needs of users. The function of removing iron is continuous and automatic, and no special person is required to care for the equipment after starting. When cement passes through, the iron debris is automatically separated and discharged to the outside.

 Discharge type iron remover principle

When the bulk material conveyed by the belt conveyor passes through a magnetic separator (ie, a rotating DC magnet) mounted on a rear bracket, the ferromagnetic debris in the material is sucked, and the ferromagnetic debris is picked up by the abandoned iron tape. The drum is unloaded to achieve automatic iron removal.

Dump-type separators are widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal preparation plants, power plants, ceramics, glass, cement, building materials, chemicals, food and feed processing industries. In emerging waste processing industries, iron separators are also needed to recycle waste. Steel. Dump-type iron separators have been used in major steel companies, as well as in metal mines, power plants, light industry, and refractory materials, and have played a significant role.

Dump-type separators are suitable for iron removal from various industries and can achieve continuous suction and abandonment of iron.

According to the mode divided into automatic iron removal and manual iron removal, according to the model can be divided into RCDB, RCDD and RCDE and other models.