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Structural characteristics and principle of dry magnetic separator
May 14, 2018

Structural characteristics and principle of dry magnetic separator

Dry magnetic separator is mainly used for the magnetic separation of ferromagnetic materials in granular powder materials. The ferromagnetic materials in the materials selected by the dry separation method are widely used in the selection of iron in low grade magnetite or river sand. 


(1) Working principle of dry magnetic separator: This machine uses permanent magnetic material as magnetic source. The material in the magnetic field on the surface of the drum is separated by the action of the magnetic force and the mechanical force on the particles. When the selected material passes through the magnetic field, different magnetic trajectories are generated due to the difference of magnetic force between the magnetic particles and the non-magnetic particles. The magnetic particles are adsorbed on the surface of the drum, and go to the non-magnetic region with the drum and fall from the magnetic material hopper. The non-magnetic particles are thrown forward by the effect of centrifugal force, and are eliminated from the non-magnetic material hopper.

(2) The main structural features of the dry magnetic separator: The machine is composed of upper and lower shells, permanent magnet drums, and electromagnetic variable speed drive devices. Material from the silo into the magnetic drum, evenly distributed by gravity. Two discharge ports are provided below the casing. The first one is the non-magnetic material outlet and the latter is the magnetic material outlet. The magnetic material content in the material is controlled by observing the adjustment of the rotation speed of the drum. It adopts a permanent magnet magnetic structure and can be operated continuously. It has the characteristics of energy saving, safety and reliability.