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Coal Mine Iron Remover Safety Operation Regulations
May 15, 2018

Coal Mine Iron Remover Safety Operation Regulations

I. Scope of work: Coal mine underground conveyor belt conveyor iron remover

Second, the operator requirements:

1, must be professional skills training of this type of work, after passing the examination and obtain a certificate of qualification, the certificate holder posts before operation.

2. Familiar with the process effect of the operation, understand the amount of coal containing impurities.

3. Know the structure, performance and working principle of the iron remover, be familiar with its operation method, safety requirements and methods to eliminate general faults.

4. Strictly implement the Safety Regulations for Belt Conveyors under Coal Mines, technical operating procedures, post responsibility system and other relevant regulations.

5. Wear labor insurance products as required when you take up the job.

Third, the job

1. Preparation before work

(1) Check the rings and the spiral buckles of the iron remover. They must be in good condition and must be free from cracks and hook-and-loop (break) phenomena.

(2) Check whether the electronic control equipment is complete, complete and reliable.

(3)Before running, the belt conveyor must send power to the iron remover and be in working condition, and be linked with relevant belt conveyors.

2, normal operation

(1) During the operation of the belt conveyor, it is forbidden to cause the electromagnetic iron remover to black out, so that the iron can enter the next process.

(2) When the iron remover is in working condition, the operator must always pay attention to whether the electronic control instruction is normal and the iron removal performance is good. If the problem is found, stop the belt conveyor and the iron remover for processing.

(3) When the iron remover on the belt conveyor has more iron absorption and the iron removal must be carried out or the iron removal must be carried out every day for maintenance, the following steps should be taken: 1 Move the control button forward to move the separator away from the belt conveyor. Open the empty area. 2 Jog stop control button, make the iron remover stop working, the iron that the iron remover has absorbed falls to the open ground. 3 Jog forward control button, make the iron remover to work position. 4 Jog start control button to put the iron remover into working condition.

 3, accident handling

 (1) Always check whether the temperature of the iron remover is (75oC) or not, and if there is odor; pay attention to the number of iron suckers on the iron remover and whether there is any material, if there are too many materials, you should contact the relevant station to stop and remove the iron remover from work. Position unloading iron, open the back to the working position after unloading the iron, and put it into working condition; always check if the iron remover is in good working condition and test its iron absorption effect.

4. Work to be done after parking

(1) After a normal stop, the iron remover should be in a power-off state after the iron remover is unloaded.

(2) Remove the iron separator from its working position and discharge it to stop.

(3) Clean up the debris on the iron remover, store it in a special glove box, sort the statistical quantity into categories, and fill it in the post record book.

Fourth, safety precautions

1 During the operation of the belt dumper, it is forbidden to stay in the front position of the iron discharge, and it is forbidden to put any part of the body under the unloading chute.

2. During the operation and working status of the belt conveyor and the iron remover, the iron discharging operation is strictly prohibited.

3 Do not flush the device with water.

4. It is forbidden to stand under the iron remover to clean the iron and other sundries.