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Conveyor Belts Rapid repair
May 13, 2018

Conveyor Belts Rapid repair

When the conveyor belt is broken, you may choose to repair it yourself if the damage is minor or in an emergency. But do you know how to quickly repair the conveyor belt? Here's a brief introduction for you.

First step, use a power peeler to cut a 3 mm deep patch in each 40 mm area on both sides of the crack, and perform a step 2 to 4 patching operation each time five centimeters are cut out.

In the second step, wipe the primer in the repair area, mix and stir the special repair glue, and pour it into the repair area.

Here, we must remind you that there are two points that must be noticed: 1 The amount of repair glue should be 3.5 meters for each group (400 grams); 2 After 15 minutes, the repair glue should be poured.

The third step is to apply a special patch of rubber while wiping the repair glue, and roll it twice with a special roller.

In the fourth step, in order to reduce the standby time, the upper heating blanket warms the repair surface (this step can be omitted when the temperature is higher than 15°).

In the fifth step, a certain weight is pressed on the repair surface to make the adhesive surface flat.

The method of quickly repairing the conveyor belt is finished and I hope it can help you.