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Magnetic Separator Selection Techniques in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries
May 03, 2018

Magnetic Separator Selection Techniques in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Magnetic iron separator is a production equipment that guarantees the safety and quality of products. The pharmaceutical industry and food industry have been widely used and will become indispensable production equipment. Magnetic separators used in the pharmaceutical and food industries are magnetic permanent magnetic separators that do not require a power supply. The basic principle is that when iron-containing substances pass through, they are attracted by strong magnets, and the iron-containing substances are firmly adsorbed on the wall of the pipe to ensure the integrity of the equipment and the safety of the product.

From the structural division, there are two types of magnetic iron remover, one is the process equipment that is connected with other production equipment, such as the magnetic separator for the pipeline, the magnetic separator for magnetic separation, etc. The structure is relatively simple; one is the whole machine, such as rotating iron removal Machine, light powder iron removal machine. In addition, a complete machine with composite functions has appeared on the market, such as granulation iron removal machines, screening and iron removal machines.

Divided from the technical function, the magnetic separator has a high-middle and low-end distinction. The magnetic iron separator of a magnetic bar assembled with a ferrite magnetic material has a function of removing ferromagnetic metal foreign materials, and has a low price and a low price. The middle and high-grade magnetic iron separators are made of rare earth magnetic materials, ie, NdFeB. NdFeB is divided into different series and grade according to its function level. Mid-range magnetic iron removers are generally made of NdFeB magnetic materials below N48, with a peak value of 7000 to 10,000 gauss in the watch field; high-grade magnetic iron separators are made of N48H, N50 or more magnetic materials, and the peak value of the surface field is as high as 12000 Gauss.

Magnetic iron separators and metal detectors are different products. The magnetic separator is superior to the latter in that it can remove metal foreign materials during the production process, and is more convenient in terms of removal. In order to ensure the safety and quality of products, many large-scale enterprises use both products at the same time.

Magnetic iron separator selection according to the actual needs and the principle of applicable cost. First of all, according to the actual conditions of production to determine the choice of process equipment or the whole machine; Second, according to the functional requirements of the selection of magnetic iron remover grade. Functional requirements include two aspects - magnetic field strength and removal rate. Export products (such as APIs and food additives) generally require 12,000 gauss of surface field strength. The removal rate is related to the number of magnetic iron or magnetic plate layers of the magnetic separator, and the higher the number of layers is, the higher the removal rate is. If you only remove iron debris, you can choose low-grade magnetic separator. Thirdly, according to the shape and fluidity of the material, the magnetic field structure of the magnetic iron remover is selected, mainly the distance between the magnetic bar and the magnetic plate. If the fluidity of the material is poor, a magnetic separator with rotation or vibration should be used. Fourth, the material flow rate of magnetic iron separators should be selected according to the production volume. Fifth, the three-dimensional size of the magnetic iron separator is determined according to the field space where the magnetic iron remover is installed. Sixth, we must also consider how magnetic iron separators are connected to other production equipment.

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