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Various types of electromagnetic separator features
May 02, 2018

Various types of electromagnetic separator features


We are a high-tech professional iron remover manufacturer integrating the design, manufacture and sales of iron separators. The company specializes in producing iron remover, electromagnetic iron remover, permanent magnet remover, permanent magnet roller and other professional iron removal equipment. Here, I will first introduce to you the characteristics of various models of electromagnetic iron remover.

RCDA air-cooled electromagnetic iron remover is a new product developed by our company. Its internal magnetic circuit is unique in design, with deep magnetic permeability, large suction force, large suction power and domestic iron remover, axial fan forced air cooling and large air volume, so that the iron remover can dissipate heat quickly and has low temperature, and it can ensure long-term work of the iron remover without faults. It is widely used in places where power plants, ports, and terminals are particularly demanding for iron removal.

The RCDB dry electromagnetic separator is an iron removal device for removing iron in powdered or bulk non-magnetic materials. Its internal use of electrical special resin casting, self-cooled fully sealed structure. With the characteristics of large depth of penetration, strong suction, dustproof, rainproof, and corrosion resistance, it can still operate reliably in extremely harsh environments. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, thermal power, chemical, building materials and other industries. Reliable protection is provided for the recovery of magnetic materials and the prevention of damage and wear to mechanical equipment such as grinders, crushers and the like.

RCDC air-cooled self-dumping electromagnetic iron remover is based on RCDA series of air-cooled overhanging-hanging type magnetic iron remover. It is added with a yoke iron mechanism composed of a drive motor, a roller, and a scrap iron tape with a scraper. In the working process, the ferrochrome mechanism automatically throws the ferromagnetic substances adsorbed on the ferrous-iron belt into a collecting box other than the iron separator, and does not need to manually clean the power supply, thereby realizing the automation of iron removal. In iron and steel plants and cement plants, they are mostly used for important equipment such as slag iron removal and roller presses, vertical mills and crushers.

RCDD strong dry-type self-dumping electromagnetic iron separator Description: RCDD-T strong series of strong dry-type self-dumping electromagnetic iron remover is based on RCDB-T series of strong dry electromagnetic separator, based on the addition of automatic iron removal mechanism The modified product can continuously unload iron automatically and is suitable for use in various harsh environments.

RCDE oil-cooled electromagnetic iron remover is produced by our company using advanced foreign technology. It uses internal and external pipeline oil circulation heat dissipation methods. Fully sealed structure, its heat dissipation and various performances are better than domestic similar products, with continuous working temperature rise, magnetic force, dust, rain, corrosion resistance, long service life and so on. The continuous operation of the model in the harsh environment has low failure rate and stable and reliable operation. It is the preferred iron removal equipment for many users. Note: If you are installing obliquely, ask the user to indicate the angle of inclination.

RCDF oil-cooled self-unloading electromagnetic iron remover is based on the RCDE series of oil-cooled suspended electromagnetic separators. It is equipped with an iron-unloading mechanism consisting of a drive motor, a roller, and a unloading tape with a scraper. With magnetic force, fast heat dissipation, dust, rain, corrosion, continuous work, low maintenance costs. Since its inception, with the convenience of operation, low failure rate, low maintenance and other characteristics have won the praise of the majority of users.

CF and CFl suspended electromagnetic separators are used in China, but they are used in China and are currently used in large quantities. They have always been easy to operate, stable and reliable in performance, reasonable in price, low in maintenance rate, and they are highly dependent on users. The multi-working magnetic pole magnetic circuit structure is a common device for removing iron in a bad working environment. It can be used with RCDB dry disk electromagnetic separator. Due to the use of computer-aided design optimization, this series of products has improved its product structure, and its technical parameters have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. Note: CF means copper core windings, CFL green shows aluminum core windings.