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Lifting electromagnet features
May 25, 2018

Lifting electromagnet features

The lifting electromagnet is one of the lifting electromagnetism equipments that our factory mainly develops. Because the whole structure adopts advanced welding technology, all the problems caused by the bolt connection are eliminated. The lifting electromagnets are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, transportation, loading and unloading, ports and other industries; used for lifting and transporting various steel plates, steel balls, scrap iron, disk elements and other steels.

1, using a fully sealed structure, good moisture resistance.

2, optimized by computer design, reasonable structure, light weight, large suction, low energy consumption.

3. Excitation coils are treated by a special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coils. The insulating material has a heat-resistant grade of Class C and a long service life.

4. The rated electrification continuation rate of ordinary electromagnets has been increased from the previous 50% to 60%, which has improved the use efficiency of electromagnets.

5. The high-temperature type electromagnet adopts a unique heat insulation method, and the temperature of the sucked object is increased from the previous 600 degrees to 700 degrees, which expands the application range of the electromagnet.

6, easy installation, operation and maintenance.