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What are the magnetic separators used in mines?
May 24, 2018

What are the magnetic separators used in mines?

There are 2CTG-918 double-roller dry magnetic separator, CTS (NB) wet magnetic separator, RCDD dry-type electromagnetic separator, RCYD (C) permanent magnet dumper. Type iron remover, HTK magnetic iron removal system, YCW series of non-water discharge recycling machine, CTZ series midfield permanent magnet roller. Let me introduce these kinds of iron separators and magnetic separators separately so that everyone will know what they are buying.

2CTG-918 Double Roller Opposite Dry Magnetic Separator

There is a large amount of iron resources in the vast desert of China's Gobi Desert. However, due to the low grade of iron, we must go through the process of screening and then dry-sorting to remove most of the large particles with lower iron content, and then dry them. Magnetic separation.

CTS (N.B) wet magnetic cylinder magnetic separator

Permanent magnetic drum type magnetic separator is suitable for mines, coal preparation plants and other units, for the weak magnetic field wet sorting of ferromagnetic minerals of fine particles, or the removal of mixed ferromagnetic minerals in non-magnetic minerals. The machine has three kinds of tanks: semi-counterflow tank (CTB); downstream tank (CTS) and counter-current tank (CTN), which are suitable for different sorting granularity and different sorting process requirements. Product features are: the use of computer optimization design, reasonable magnetic circuit and the strict selection of high coercivity, high remanence of permanent magnets, to ensure that the magnetic properties are not reduced for a long time, to protect the long-term interests of users, the overall structure is reliable and durable. CTS (NB) series permanent magnet drum type magnetic separator has two kinds of rotating and fixed magnetic field components, and the fixed type is mainly applied to weak magnetic field wet type fine magnetic particles, or removes non-magnetic minerals. When the slurry is injected into the magnetic field zone, strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed on the surface of the cylinder, and the weak magnetic and non-magnetic minerals are eliminated in succession, while the strong magnetic minerals adsorbed on the cylinder are taken out of the magnetic field zone as the cylinder rotates. Rotary type is suitable for dry separation of fine-grained (medium-strength) magnetic minerals. Due to the effect of high-speed rotation, the number of magnetic tumbling of magnetic particles is much higher than that of conventional magnetic separators. This has significant effects on destroying magnetic agglomeration and increasing the enrichment ratio. The effect is that the minerals are separated into two kinds of magnetic and non-magnetic materials after sorting. They are excluded from their respective discharge ports. The machine is suitable for rough selection and selection of ores with a particle size of 6-0mm.

The ultra-low-grade magnetic separation production line of the Gobitan Shahe Mine is a new product with independent intellectual property rights extracted from the extremely low grade desert of the Gobi Desert. It has two invention patents and two utility model patents. The production line adopts the dry separation process after screening and throws away a large amount of tailings. After pre-selection, the grade of the original ore is greatly improved, so that the “milled grain” of the ball mill is changed to “eating refined grains”, which greatly reduces the operating costs and guarantees the selection The grade of iron concentrate powder is more than 64%, and the investment in equipment is small, and the energy saving effect is significant. In January 2010, organized by the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, experts identified that the magnetic separation production line of the Gobitan Shahe Mine has filled a domestic gap in the magnetic separation technology of the Gobi Shahe Mine and reached the domestic leaderboard selection technology level.

RCDD dry-type unloading electromagnetic separator

RCDD-T strong series of strong dry type unloading electromagnetic electromagnetic separator is based on RCDB-T series strong dry magnetic electromagnetic iron remover. It is a modified product of automatic iron unloading mechanism. It can continuously unload iron automatically. Choose under harsh environments.

RCYD (C) permanent magnet dumper

RCYD (C) series permanent magnet dumper is composed of high-performance permanent magnetic core, abandoned iron belt, deceleration motor, frame, roller and other parts. It is used with various conveyors. Used to automatically remove 0.1-35 kg of ferromagnetic material from non-magnetic material. Its internal magnetic circuit adopts computer simulation design and a perfect double magnetic pole structure to ensure the long-term operation of the whole machine in fault-free environments.

HTK Magnetic Iron Removal System

Scope of application: Suitable for removing iron from conveyor belts of magnetic ore such as ore, sinter, pellets, lump ore, etc. HTK magnetic iron ore removal system has its unique magnetic circuit design to separate selected materials for several times, thus making iron The magnetic debris absorbs iron from the material of the magnetic ore in a manner with less ore to protect the subsequent crushing equipment.

Equipment features: 1 The magnetic circuit is designed by computer simulation. The magnetic field design is unique, the depth of magnetic permeability is large, and the magnetic field is strong. 2 Compatible with metal detectors to form an automatic iron removal system without leakage. 3 intermittent excitation, low energy consumption, stable and reliable performance. 4 The multi-stage repeated magnetic separation is adopted in the sorting area to ensure that the amount of ore is small when removing iron. 5 automatic unloading iron, easy maintenance, drum drum structure, with automatic correction function, special fully sealed bearing seat, to adapt to the site of large dust occasions, can achieve long-term trouble-free operation. 6 The product has good compatibility, complete functions, manual and centralized control functions, and can meet the requirements for use in various occasions.

YCW series unloading recycling machine

 YCW series anhydrous unloading recycling machine is a new type of product developed by our company according to foreign advanced experience. The machine's magnetic system uses a set of magnetic rings inlaid with external bare blocks, arranged in a certain gap. The magnetic system acts directly on the magnetic material, high magnetic field strength, large gradient, recovery rate can be as high as 85% to 95%, especially the use of V-type scraper, with the help of the magnetic material's own weight, to achieve a waterless or less water unloading , This machine is widely used in metallurgy, mining, non-ferrous metals, gold, building materials, electric power, coal and other industries selected plants and coal washing plant, steel plant (steel slag) sintering plant and other waste materials discharged in the highly efficient recovery and utilization of magnetic materials .

CTZ series midfield permanent magnet roller

CTZ series midfield permanent magnet roller is also known as magnetic pulley or dry bulk magnetic separator. Its internal use of high-performance hard magnetic materials composed of composite magnetic system, with high magnetic field strength, depth, simple structure, easy to use, no maintenance, no power consumption, perennial use of non-demagnetization features. Can be used in cement, magnetic separation, mining, steel, chemical, refractory, waste treatment and other industries. It is used together with DT-75 and AD-80 universal fixed belt conveyors instead of driving wheels, and can also be equipped with special belt conveyors.