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How much do you know about the ability of the magnetic ball?
Sep 04, 2017

  How much do you know about the ability of the magnetic ball?

  We know that the magic ball can enhance the ability to create people, to stimulate the left and right of the brain around? So what is the ability of magnetic ball we do not know, the following is the magnetic ball of other capabilities for a brief description.

  Using the magnetic sphere amplification technique, the scientific researchers fixed the mouse CA125 antibody on the surface of the substrate by reacting the amino groups on the mouse CA125 antibody with the epoxy groups on the silylated substrate. A large number of Ru (bpy) _2 (dcbpy) NHS is combined on a magnetic sphere to improve the electrochemical luminescence efficiency and improve the sensitivity of the method. People use the magnetic ball as an amplified signal of the immune sensor determination of carcinoembryonic antigen,

  A new method for enzymatic electrochemical detection of alpha-fetoprotein was proposed by nano-magnetic sphere immunoassay. There was also an immunomagnetic sphere which was a superparamagnetic substance coated with an antigen or an antibody on the surface. In the detection of Escherichia coli should be amino nano-magnetic ball immunoelectrochemical electrochemical method to detect alpha-fetoprotein research, so the unique properties of immune magnetic ball in the field of environmental engineering and biotechnology has a good application prospects,

  The magnetic sphere interaction can be used to compute the kernel bond equation by the magnetic interaction of the nucleus. The conclusion is that there is no contradiction with the formula of the magnetic pole action.

  The application of permanent magnet spherical motor can replace the multi-degree of freedom to achieve three degrees of freedom movement, which greatly simplifies the mechanical structure, improve the transmission system positioning accuracy and response speed, expand the scope of application of the motor, the new humanoid robot Joints are used in the field of permanent magnet ball stepper motor control algorithms and drive studies