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The general magnetic ball is composed of alumina ceramic
Sep 04, 2017

  The general magnetic ball is composed of alumina ceramic, suitable for grinding, with large / medium / small, etc. ball diameter, suitable for different requirements of grinding grinding. Cube This is a very test of people's endurance and mental power of a game, in the combination of the cube and the magnetic ball appeared on the new product, that is, the ball cube.

  The main material of the magnetic sphere is composed of magnetic rare earth magnets, and the colors of the magnetic balls are red, blue, green, black and white. Each magnetic ball has the ability to indicate the north-south direction. This 216 magnetic ball is firmly adsorbed together, allowing people to carry out the shape of the transformation, in addition to people common square, rectangular, etc., but also can create a variety of irregular polygons. When not in use, can be reduced to original, it can also enhance the creativity of people, to stimulate people around the brain.

  1, to improve the creation of human beings

  216 ball can be any child split, and then form a new shape, to ensure that their effects will not be affected, but also to a certain extent, improve its creativity, to create more shape.

  Magnetic ball cube can also evolve into a variety of portable wear, such as necklaces, bracelets, etc., now filled with necklaces is not gold, platinum and other precious metals, these precious metal made of various jewelry, not everyone can Consumption of. Magnetic ball cube evolved from the magnetic jewelry not only to meet the market diversification, product diversification of choice, but also extremely interesting and rich people's creative ability.

  2, to stimulate the left and right brain

  Many people use the left and right brain is not a lot, like the right hand, like a hand is always used more. Playing the ball in the magic of the time, it can stimulate the child around the growth of the brain, and do a certain balance, so that their children are much smarter than others. Adults play it can also stimulate the left and right brain, to prevent the occurrence of stroke hemiplegia.

  When the textbook and the magnetic ball cube in conjunction with the study, to see people in geometric and mathematical aspects of intuitive perception.