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Application of Iron Remover in Coal Mining
May 12, 2018

Application of Iron Remover in Coal Mining


The geological conditions of coal mining are complex and there are many faults. In the process of transportation, it is unavoidable to mix such things as anchor rods, scrapers, idlers, and detonator cannons. The first is affecting the operation safety of coal conveying machinery and screening equipment, such as: cutting the belt, damaging the screening equipment, entering the coal mill will accelerate the wear of the ball, reduce the output of the milling system, affect the normal coal mill run. To this end, iron removal equipment is installed at the tail or head of the conveyor belt of the coal conveying system, which is the main equipment for removing iron from the fuel.

Structure and composition

Separators generally use electromagnetic principles. Electromagnetic iron remover is a kind of energy-saving iron removal equipment that uses a new type of heat conduction and insulation material, has a unique magnetic core structure and magnetic circuit design, and can generate a strong magnetic field force. The advantages are: fully enclosed, fully filled, self-cooled, moisture-proof, good insulation, fast heat dissipation, large magnetic potential, strong suction force, and high iron removal rate.

Electromagnetic separators can be used to remove iron from belt conveyors with higher belt speeds, thicker material layers, and harsh environments. If metal detectors can be deployed, they can improve the operating results.


Based on the basic law of the magnetic field generated by the current-carrying coils, an RCDD electromagnetic strip separator is designed. The main and auxiliary poles are welded to the core. The coils are wound into coils according to the heat dissipation conditions. The insulation plates surround the lower plate and the lower plate covers the lower part of the coil. . This design concentrates the magnetic lines of force in the lower part of the iron separator.

When the material conveyed above the conveyor belt passes under the electromagnetic box, the ferromagnetic materials mixed in the material are attracted to the abandoned iron tape by the strong magnetic attractive force, and are carried to the edge of the magnetic system, relying on the inertia of the magnetic magnetic material. And gravity will be dropped on the abandoned iron, so as to achieve the purpose of automatically eliminating iron in the coal stream.