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About Magnetoelectric Pipe Discharge Permanent Magnet Remover
May 16, 2018

About Magnetoelectric Pipe Discharge Permanent Magnet Remover

Model:RCY-ZX Details: RCY-ZX Series Pipe Type Permanent Magnetic Automatic Iron Remover

Structural features

RCY-ZX series permanent magnetic automatic iron remover consists of three parts: pipeline body, driving device and magnet running device. The driving device is installed on the wall of the pipeline. The sprocket and chain drive the magnet operating device in the magnetic separation chamber of the pipeline. The permanent magnets discharge the ferromagnetic substances mixed in the pipe material out of the pipe through the tap hole.

working principle

The iron remover is connected in series with the material conveying pipeline with an inclination of 45-75 degrees. When the material flows through the iron remover, the ferromagnetic material therein is adsorbed on the stainless steel pipe wall of the iron remover of the pipe and gradually moves along with the movement of the permanent magnet. Slide in the direction of the taphole to achieve separation from the material. At the tap hole, due to the permanent magnet moving away in the direction of cyclical motion, the ferromagnetic material loses its magnetic attraction, and is discharged from the tap hole under the action of gravity to achieve automatic iron removal of the material.


★ This equipment uses high remanence NdFeB as a magnetic source, with high iron removal efficiency and long service life.

★ The power source adopts a small-power cycloid pinion motor, and the transmission adopts a precision roller chain, which has a small size, light weight, reliable and stable operation, and a small fault.

Such advantages, user-friendly and easy maintenance.

★ The structure of the device is reasonable, compact, and easy to install. It can be used in series with the material conveying pipeline.

★ The iron removal process is continuous and automatic, and no need to look after the equipment starts.

★ Suitable for closed material conveying system, no dust escapes during work, no environmental pollution.

★ The pipe wall is made of special wear-resistant material and its service life is doubled.

Scope of application

Pipeline separator is a high-performance automatic magnetic separation equipment, which can be widely used in cement, electricity, ceramics, brick, chemical, food, glass, metallurgy, steel and other industries, is the first choice for material purification and ensure the safe operation of subsequent equipment. Iron removal equipment.