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Analysis of the Use of Maintenance Magnetic Separators
May 10, 2018

Analysis of the Use of Maintenance Magnetic Separators

The maintenance of permanent magnetic separators is an extremely important and regular task. The use and maintenance of magnetic separators cannot be separated from the tests of actual production. The use and maintenance of magnetic separators are also besetting the development of mineral processing companies. Here we will elaborate on the use and maintenance of the permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator:

It should cooperate closely with the extreme operation and overhaul, and should have full-time personnel to conduct on-duty inspection.

How to maintain a good magnetic separator must pay attention to the following points:

1, as the operator to play their own subjectivity, to do it is a conscientious person, the machine must be diligently inspected, we must diligently check the color of the paddle, particle size, product quality, water pressure and equipment, etc., up and down to contact: according to the operation The problems that arise in the company are accurately judged and accurately adjusted. Accurately determine the nature of ore and other factors, seize the main contradiction, and accurately adjust. Keep in touch with each production line to quickly find, analyze, and solve problems.

2. The problem of driving and parking reflects the proficiency of the operator. Driving should be carried out from the back to the front, and the parking should be reversed. Before driving, check the circuit, transmission, etc., and confirm that the equipment is normal before driving; when driving, First give water to the pulp.

3. The basic troubleshooting process The operator's technical level, the slurry into the obstacles in the tank, the performance of the cylinder does not move, the tank trembling, scratching the skin, etc., should be taken out of the obstruction, magnetic magnetic block off, performance In order to break the cylinder and there are noises in the cylinder, it is necessary to stop the inspection and repair of the magnetic system; the bolts of the transmission device should be loosened and dislocated, and should be advanced in a firm and proper position.

4. Routine maintenance plays a significant role in the normal operation and service life of the machine. It should maintain a good lubrication condition; frequent inspection of the wear layer on the skin, timely handling of loose and broken ends, during repair, The rubber strips on the broken ends and the surface of the cylinder are polished with sandpaper and then glued firmly; the iron in the paddles, the welding rods, and the like should be promptly removed to avoid damaging the skin.

According to the actual production requirements of the company, we include the features of the permanent magnetic drum type magnetic separator. We also have unique insights on the use and maintenance of the permanent magnetic drum type magnetic separator. The magnetic separator operator should always get in touch with the miner at any time. Master the influence of changes in pulp concentration on magnetic separation.