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Magnetic Iron removal equipment classification
May 09, 2018

Magnetic Iron removal equipment classification

We are a high-tech professional iron remover manufacturer integrating the design, manufacture and sales of iron separators.

The various iron removal equipment produced by the company includes the following:

Electromagnetic iron remover series

RCDA air-cooled electromagnetic iron remover (RCDA-T strong air-cooled electromagnetic iron remover), RCDB dry electromagnetic iron remover (RCDB-T strong dry self-cooling electromagnetic iron remover), RCDC air-cooled self-unloading electromagnetic iron remover (RCDC- T strong air-cooled self-unloading electromagnetic separator), RCDD dry-type unloading electromagnetic separator (RCDD-T strong dry type unloading electromagnetic separator), RCDE oil-cooled electromagnetic iron remover (RCDE-T strong oil-cooled Electromagnetic iron remover), RCDF oil-cooled self-dumping electromagnetic iron remover (RCDF-T strong oil-cooled self-dumping electromagnetic iron remover), CF, CFl suspended electromagnetic iron remover, electromagnetic Wang pulp iron remover, electromagnetic Wang powder material Iron remover, MW5 lifting electromagnet.

Permanent magnet iron remover series

RCYA pipeline permanent magnet separator, RCYA3 liquid slurry pipeline separator, RCYB suspended permanent magnet separator, RCYD (C) permanent magnet dumper, RCYD (C) strong permanent magnet dumper, RCYF Vertical pipe separator

RCYG Fine Iron Remover, RCYK Armored Permanent Magnetic Strip Separator, RCYP Manual Permanent Magnet Iron Remover, RCYZ Cylindrical Permanent Magnet Iron Remover, RCYZ Vibrating Dry Iron Powder Iron Remover, RCYZX Pipe Type Permanent Magnetic Automatic Iron Remover, RCYQ Light Band Type Permanent Magnetic iron remover, RCYSC series slot permanent magnet iron remover.

Magnetic roller series

RCT series permanent magnet roller, CTZ series midfield permanent magnet roller, CFLT series electromagnetic pulley.