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Which kind of iron remover is suitable for power plant?
May 05, 2018

Which kind of iron remover is suitable for power plant?


RCDB-T series strong dry magnetic electromagnetic separator is a new product independently developed by our company. It has a reasonable structure, guarantees enough cooling area to enhance the heat dissipation effect, effectively control the temperature rise, the magnetic circuit design is unique, and the magnetic permeability depth is unique. Large, magnetic force, can achieve manual and remote control, widely used in power plants, cement, building materials, coal mines, ports, terminals and other places.

Features: Reasonable structure, ensure sufficient heat dissipation area, enhance heat dissipation effect, effectively control temperature rise, unique design of magnetic circuit, large depth of magnetic permeability, strong magnetic force, manual and remote control.

Working principle: Its internal use of electrical special resin pouring, self-cooled full-seal structure. With the characteristics of large depth of penetration, strong suction, dust-proof, rain-proof, and corrosion resistance, it can still operate reliably in extremely harsh environments. Reliable protection is provided for the recovery of magnetic materials and the prevention of damage and wear to mechanical equipment such as grinders, crushers and the like.