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What to know before purchasing a magnetic separator
May 06, 2018

What to know before purchasing a magnetic separator

To purchase magnetic separators, you do not need to consider magnetic field strength. Do not make the mistake of “higher magnetic field strength and better product elimination” as your primary consideration. Otherwise, in the future practice, it will bring tangible loss to your company. To purchase a magnetic separator, the price must be considered, but the price must be considered under the premise of quality. The preferred magnetic separator product quality, the quality of your product guarantee, remember the truth of the "a price of goods."

First of all, you have to ask yourself several questions when purchasing a magnetic separator. Then you know what type of magnetic separator is right for you.

 1. What is the output requirement for magnetic separators to be purchased?

 2. Is there any special requirement on the size of the magnetic separator?

 3. Has there been detailed planning for the magnetic separation airport?

 4. What is the particle size requirement for the magnetic separator?

The magnetic separator manufacturer reminds you that when purchasing a magnetic separator, you should pay careful attention to the word game fraud in the contract, and use inferior products to shoddy, causing unnecessary losses to you. After you have learned about the above knowledge about the magnetic separator, you can choose to go to the magnetic separator manufacturers for field trips.