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How to buy magnetic iron remover?
May 07, 2018

How to buy magnetic iron remover?

When purchasing the iron remover, one important point is to purchase the iron remover in consideration of the iron content of the material, the iron removal requirements, the use environment, and the characteristics of the iron separator itself. To achieve what effect and purpose, you need to make effective judgments about your machine's working environment and the nature of removing iron impurities. 

The content of these judgments is also very much. What exactly do we need to pay attention to when purchasing the iron remover?

 ◆ When the material contains more iron, the unloading electromagnetic and permanent magnetic iron remover (RCDC, RCDD, RCDF, RCYC, RCL, CFDL series) with continuous iron discharging capability should be selected.

◆ When the material contains less iron, the artificial iron-unloading type electromagnetic, permanent magnetic iron remover RCDA, RCDB, RCDE and RCY series should be selected to properly reduce the height of the suspension, which is conducive to iron removal.

◆ When the use of the environment When the use of environmental dust is more serious, should use a fully enclosed structure of the iron remover such as RCDB, RCDE, RCDD, RCDF series of electromagnetic and RCYB, RCYD series of permanent magnet products.

◆ When the power capacity is limited, permanent magnet separators should be selected.

◆ When the iron remover is installed on the head of the belt conveyor: The loosening of the material in the material is conducive to iron removal, but the driving wheel at the bottom of the iron remover should be non-ferromagnetic material.

◆ When the iron remover is installed in the middle of the belt conveyor (when it is cross-arranged), the WCG series of non-magnetic linear idlers can be added under the tape to improve the iron removal effect.

◆ For the non-ferromagnetic metal materials that can not be adsorbed by the iron remover, GJT series metal detectors should be selected to detect them after the alarm stops.

◆ When multi-stage iron removal is used, the iron removal force of the subsequent stage should be higher than the iron removal force of the preceding stage. Otherwise, the iron removal effect of the rear stage iron remover is poor.

◆ When the material contains little iron, the use of CJT series metal detectors and strong excitation magnetic unloader with electromagnetic separator, energy saving, iron removal effect is good.

The iron remover has the following features: the long and large ferromagnetic material is easy to be short and small; the shape of the suction tip is easy to be spherical; the suction is easy to be static; and for the occasion with high iron removal requirements, it should be properly improved. The iron separator specifications or use of multi-level iron removal.

The above is my company for many years, according to the basic performance of the iron remover and the use of the majority of users, to provide you with some basic precautions. If you have encountered a technical problem during use, please contact our company and let our technical staff work with you to solve the problem. (Note: Our company provides the external dimensions and parameters of each series of products, you can call to send your address over, mail you for your reference to purchase. Our company can be customized according to special specifications, special size production