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What are the ways of iron remover operation control?
Apr 22, 2018

What are the ways of iron remover operation control?


There are two kinds of existing operation control methods of the iron remover: one is to select the on-site manual control mode, and the second is to start the remote control mode of the control room. Under normal working conditions, the operation of the iron remover is placed in the automatic control mode. Its operation control mode is:


Iron remover start control

The start of the defibrillator starts running with its belt conveyor and the belt conveyor starts. A pair of normally open contacts on the position relay in the high-voltage control cabinet are turned on, and the deferrizer starts operation with a running command.


Iron remover stops controlling

The belt conveyor of the iron remover is stopped, the position relay on the belt conveyor control cabinet is de-energized, and the normally open contact is disconnected; the iron remover is set to delay the stop function, and the delay time is 10 min after the de-energized relay is de-energized. The iron remover stops running.