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Vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator has significant iron removal effect in ceramics
Apr 23, 2018

Vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator has significant iron removal effect in ceramics


LHGC high gradient magnetic separator is a new type of vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, with forced oil cooling and pulsed action. This is a magnetic separation equipment pioneered at home and abroad, and its technical performance has reached the international level. The magnetic separation equipment can be widely applied to the sorting of metal minerals and non-metallic minerals, and is particularly suitable for the removal of iron from the feldspar minerals of ceramic materials. The technical indicators of feldspar are excellent after the removal of iron, and the economic benefits are very significant.


The LHGC series pulsing high gradient magnetic separator includes various specifications such as LHGC-500, LHGC-750, LHGC-1000, LHGC-1250, LHGC-1500, LHGC-1750, LHGC-2000, LHGC-2500, and LHGC-3000.


Widely used in the wet sorting of weak magnetic metal ore such as hematite, limonite, siderite, chromite, ilmenite, scheelite, ore, and non-metallic minerals such as quartz, feldspar, Purification of non-metallic minerals such as nepheline, fluorspar, sillimanite, spodumene, and kaolin. The sorting ring adopts vertical rotation, the ore unloading adopts backflush method, and is equipped with sorting pulsation device, which fundamentally solves the problem that the magnetic media of the flat ring operating side and the traditional vertical ring magnetic separator are easy to be clogged; The magnetic medium adopts a patented product developed by the company, which can generate higher magnetic field gradients, thereby generating more magnetic force and improving the sorting effect.


This series of products has advanced structure, reliable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, long working period, high sorting efficiency, wide adaptability to fluctuations in ore-supply size, ore concentration, ore-supply taste, realizing a high ratio of rich deposits and high recovery rate. High this ideal target for the mineral processing.