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Precautions for Using Electromagnetic Remover in Thermal Power Plants
Apr 09, 2018

Precautions for Using Electromagnetic Remover in Thermal Power Plants

1. Effect of Temperature Rise of Electromagnetic Iron Remover on Iron Removal Effect

The magnetic field intensity is proportional to the current, and the current is inversely proportional to the resistance, and the resistance of the energized coil increases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, as the energization time is extended, the temperature of the energizing coil rises and the resistance thereof increases. The corresponding current will decrease, resulting in a weakening of the magnetic field until a dynamic equilibrium is reached. Therefore, the cooling effect of the electromagnetic iron remover is particularly critical, and it is an important factor to keep its field strength from drastically weakening.

2. The effect of iron devices near the magnetic field of the electromagnetic iron separator on the iron removal effect

Electromagnetic iron remover is a process of electromagnetism, and the sealed environment of some iron separators is not closed. The electromagnetic iron remover causes magnetic leakage, and the iron removal effect will be affected when the surrounding iron pieces are magnetized.

3. the effect of coal thickness on iron removal effect

In order to remove the iron in the coal on the conveyor belt, the electromagnetic iron remover must overcome the weight of the iron piece, the gravity of the coal layer on the piece, and the friction force of the coal layer on the iron piece. The closer the iron piece is to the magnetic pole of the magnetic disk, the greater the suction force and the smaller the other negative influences. Therefore, to keep the field strength of the iron piece not falling, it is better than the required field strength to suck the iron piece from the coal layer. It is much smaller, so in order to control the temperature rise of the electromagnetic iron separator and save energy at the same time, a metal detector can be installed before the electromagnetic iron remover. When there is iron in the conveyor belt, the metal detector signals the iron remover so that strong magnetic force is generated in the iron remover and the iron is sucked up. In normal circumstances, the electromagnetic iron remover only needs to generate a magnetic field that ensures that the iron pieces do not fall off. In order to ensure the reliability of the metal detector, the two detectors can be used in parallel. As long as one detector detects the iron piece, strong magnetism is immediately generated in the electromagnetic iron remover.