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Double cylinder wet magnetic separator related knowledge
Apr 10, 2018

Double cylinder wet magnetic separator related knowledge

Double-tube wet magnetic separator is a commonly used iron ore equipment, and is suitable for sorting minerals with strong magnetic properties, such as magnetite, slag, and iron slag. Wet magnetic separators can also be used to remove iron from other industries or recover iron in river sand.

The size of the binocular wet-type magnetic separator is 0-6mm. Wet magnetic separator machine design is divided into single-stage type, two-stage type and multi-stage type:

1. The single-stage type is divided into three types: downstream type (CTS), countercurrent type (CTN) and semi-counterflow type (CTB): magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic cylinder is between 2 and 7000 GS (the specific required strength is based on the mineral Quality grade);

2, two-stage selection type are magnetic cylinders;

3, according to the actual needs of the choice of full-flow type (CT2S), the upper tube downstream tube semi-countercurrent type (CTS-B) or full semi-countercurrent type (CT2B) and other models, the selection method can be determined as the concentrate check and Two types of tailings are selected.