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Magnets are made of natural magnets and artificial magnets
Sep 04, 2017

  Magnets are made of natural magnets and artificial magnets. Natural magnets were discovered and used as early as thousands of years ago; man-made magnets have also appeared in the 18th century, so the history of the development of magnets is still very long. So what should you pay attention to when using the magnet? How can we keep the magnet magnet?

  First use the time to pay special attention to safety. As the magnet will be their own adsorption together, the stronger the magnetic magnet adsorption force generated by the stronger, accidentally will be caught fingers. In particular, there are many children's toys in the use of magnets is also widely used, for example, there is a magic magic ball on the development of the above, it uses a magnetic permanent magnetic material, the adsorption of the force is easy to pinch the child's Hand, so when in use to pay special attention.

  Many electronic products, such as mobile phones, watches, credit cards, monitors, medical equipment, which are very easy to be magnetized parts, the use of magnets should pay attention to avoid these items.

  There are some instruments such as magnetic therapy equipment, which itself with a magnetic field, and if the force is too close to the magnet, the magnetic field will be disordered, affecting the use of results.

  Above the use of magnets should pay attention to the problem, there is to use the preservation method to maintain the magnetic magnet.

  The forces generated by the mutual adsorption of magnets can damage the magnet itself, such as knocking out cracks or stripping corners, which can affect the use of magnets, so keep an eye on these aspects.

  Large size of the magnets between the strong adsorption force, in order to facilitate the use of the future, in the storage of each piece of magnet to join the middle of the plastic or hard board.

  There are magnets easy to absorb some impurities, in order to maintain the stability of the magnet and the future use of the effect, the storage environment should be kept dry, constant temperature, clean.

  Although the magnet is not so easily affected by some other products, but in the use and preservation of the time or to pay special attention.

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