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Magnetic Iron remover​ installation steps
Apr 11, 2018

Magnetic Iron remover installation steps

1. Lifting equipment should be used when moving the iron remover to remove the iron remover. When hoisting, the steel cable should be put on the rings of the iron remover. Before lifting, the hanger, hoisting rigging, and the rings of the iron remover should be checked first. No lifting before lifting.

2. Installation of the iron remover

The installation method of the electromagnetic strip remover is divided into two ways: installation at the head of the belt conveyor and installation at the middle of the belt conveyor:

2.1 Installed on the head of the conveyor: 

This type of installation has a better removal of iron and the material is in an optimally loose state at this time. It can absorb the ferromagnetic impurities in the material to the maximum, but the head wheel should be made of non-magnetic material.

2.2 installed in the middle of the conveyor: 

due to the material at this time on the ferromagnetic sundries produce positive pressure, affecting the smooth absorption of ferromagnetic debris. If possible, a set of non-magnetic support rollers should be installed below the iron remover. The height of the non-magnetic roller should be 50-60mm higher than normal, so that the conveyor belt will protrude upwards when it runs here. Movement state, in order to facilitate the smooth absorption of ferromagnetic debris. Improve iron removal effect.

2.3 The length and size of walking I-beams for small cars shall be determined according to the conditions such as on-site span and the weight of the iron separators, but they shall not affect the movement of the trolley.

2.4 Install a moving trolley on the I-beam track, and adjust the gasket to ensure that the gap between the wheel and the I-beam of the trolley reaches 3~4mm. At the same time, the four manual trolleys should be fixedly connected by a connecting rod so that after the host of the iron remover is suspended, two roots are guaranteed. Manually moving trolleys on the track can run synchronously, moving freely and without jamming.