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The future development direction of rare earth NdFeB magnet industry
Apr 02, 2018

The future development direction of rare earth NdFeB magnet industry

What is the development prospect of NdFeB?

Actually, NdFeB magnet is a relatively unpopular industry, compared with others. Why say so?

Because most of the magnets we commonly ever seen are horn magnets, which are black permanent ferrite magnet.

NdFeB Magnet.png

There are five categories for main magnets, usually the most Commonly used rare earth neodymium-iron-boron powerful magnets and permanent magnet ferrite magnets, a higher level of samarium-cobalt magnets and aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets; besides, there is a special kind of magnet-iron chromium cobalt magnet, the latter three Relatively less use, and because of the expensive price, most of are used to the high-end digital products, electronic and electrical products.

After two years of effective control of rare-earth neodymium-iron-boron powerful magnets, the price tends to be stable, the rational development and utilization of rare earth minerals are effectively controlled, and the production of rare earth magnet raw materials is gradually stabilized. The raw material prices in the entire market are stable, then the strength of NdFeB is strong. The price of magnet products is relatively stable. In the era of Internet, the price of products is very transparent. When everyone's product quality is the same, the unit price of a product is naturally transparent, and a product is easily put on the Internet to provide a price advantage. Therefore, the price advantage is very obvious. Product competition depends on products, product competition depends on quality.

In the face of bad market competition, the price of NdFeB magnets is also easy to dwarf, and the market form in these two years is also not good. The development of magnet products has reached a stage of intense heating, and manufacturers face the harsh production environment. The lowest price war has to be carried out. Because these manufacturers have limited production capacity, they are only simple product processing methods and have no special product advantages. Since a company must survive, the only way is to use price and service to maintain it. A manufacturer's survival, compete for orders. On the other hand, if these manufacturers can fundamentally solve their own problems, break through their own production technology problems, break through their own problems from the product quality product advantages, and take the initiative to be anti-passive, when their own products and quality have advantages, the companies themselves The company has obtained the initiative right. In the face of customers, companies have enough right to speak, not only can avoid price competition on products, but also can firmly grasp the customer's demand for products, long-term cooperation and development.

Looking at the development history of each company, it is not that products are promoted by technology, and that products occupy the market and the market drives the development of the enterprise. Therefore, when an enterprise starts a price war, instead of breaking through the product technology as the development direction, Then, the development of this enterprise will not see hope because the market is cruel and competition is realistic. Low-end products cannot meet the needs of market development and face elimination. Enterprises must develop, products must be updated, and technologies must be constantly updated. Breakthroughs to meet the needs of market development, to meet the needs of customer products, companies must break through the technology to break the existing production model.