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What does n52 magnet mean?
Apr 01, 2018

What does n52 magnet mean?

The N52 grade is the highest energy product of NdFeB Magnet, and the 52 is the grade. Divided According to the temperature coefficient, neodymium magnet can be divided by N Grade, M Grade, H Grade, SH Grade, UH, EH and AH Grade.

The surface Gauss of N52, D25*5mm, as example, is much more stronger than that of N42.

N52 Magnet.png

what manufacturers can produce N52 magnets?

N52 magnet is strongest, most expensive, generally rarely useful; as experience, the most commonly used grade are still N35-N48.

The N52 neodymium-iron-boron magnet material is indeed existent, and there are indeed technologies that can produce such high-performance materials.


However, not all manufacturers can produce N52 magnets; most of the materials available on the market can only reach N48 and N50 up to the top, and N52 in the normal circulation material on the market. N52 NdFeB magnets are as hard to find as antiques, because of the huge limitation of the NdFeB sintering technology.


For N35 NdFeb Magnet, the blank material size is often F64*54*35mm, normally, the magnetization direction of the NdFeB magnet will not exceed the length and width of the material, otherwise The magnetic orientation of magnetic molecules in the material cannot be consistent. In other words, the magnets cannot be magnetized fully.


Therefore, compared with N35 Material, the high-performance N52 NdFeB magnets is much more difficult to produce, on the production processing and sintering processing


N52 magnet: Remanence: 1.44-1.48 (T) Coercive force: 828-907KA/m Maximum energy product: 49.5-52, N52 magnet working temperature is lower than 60 °C.


Difference between n52 magnet and N35 magnet

The two are quite different types of magnets, from their "magnetic" strength and their physical performance.