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What is Precast Concrete Magnet?
Mar 20, 2018

What is Precast Concrete Magnet?

Precast concrete magnets (PC fixing magnetic boxes) are an innovative usefully and a high technology method of fixing formwork to the casting bed of the production precast concrete, such wall, column.


They are made from rare earth materials such as neodymium magnets (often N42 or N45), which give higher pull off strengths than other magnet materials. The magnets are designed so that the magnetic portion is layered with steel to spread the magnetic flux and thereby increase the contact area.

Magnets and iron plate are locked and fastened together by a stainless steel stud through the holes on magnet and iron plate.


Housings then surround the magnet to protect against damage, or the steel may be used to bolt a housing to the magnet.

1. Q235A generally, compared with stainless steel, its magnetic flux effect generated is much better and its cost much cheaper.

2. Anti-rust treatment on iron casingpainting and blackening. While painting surface are easy to scratched and fall off. So generally blackening is better.

3. stainless Steelhigher price than iron, but stainless are more and more popular in the market, because the iron type may be rusted, after a period of using.


Care should be taken when using the magnet to ensure the base is clean and free from debris. This debris causes a loss of strength due to a large air gap forming between the magnet and the bed. 

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