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Solution to the magnetic separator damage
Apr 20, 2018

Solution to the magnetic separator damage

Magnetic separator equipment will always collide with materials during magnetic separation. Therefore, magnetic cylinders of magnetic separators are prone to wear. If the wear is serious, the magnetic drum skin of the magnetic separator will be worn out. However, once the slurry is broken, it will enter the magnetic cylinder, which will adsorb on the surface of the magnetic system, resulting in a collision between the skin and the magnetic system. Occurrence of locking, or slurry into the bearing leads to bearing damage, so that the entire machine can not work properly.


It is unavoidable that the wear of the magnet drum skin is usually present during work. We can only to a great extent delay the occurrence of this situation. The usual solutions are:

1, tube skin wear protection: the use of PVC coating wrapped skin, adhesive bonding PVC coating, can greatly improve the life of the skin.


2, magnetic fixed. Epoxy resin, iron packing tape and stainless steel plate coated with glass ribbon were used to test the magnetic system as a whole. According to the test results, a 0.5 mm thick 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate was used to wrap the magnetic system. The joints at both ends of the stainless steel plate are clamped with thin plates and fixed with bolts, and then bolted to adjust the tension. This not only has little effect on the surface magnetic field of the magnetic system, but also has a strong package tensioning force to the magnetic system, and has a significant effect.


On a regular basis, we also need to conduct management from time to time, so that we can uncover some potential problems and solve the problems to a great extent. This will greatly reduce the economic impact of equipment failure loss.