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Powder iron remover special machinery (2)
May 22, 2018

Powder iron remover special machinery (2)

In front of us, we introduced several kinds of powder iron separators mainly including CBS drawer magnetic iron remover, CGB magnetic rod type semi-automatic iron remover, CGS magnetic bar grating type iron remover, and RCYZ series vibration type dry powder iron remover. Next I will introduce some other iron removers, which are also used for removing iron from powders. RCYF powder special iron remover, electromagnetic Wang powder iron removal machine, CXJ series of permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator so that everyone can be sure when buying.

RCYF special powder remover

First, the working principle: when the material passes through the equipment, the material is diverted to the magnetic field coverage area of the pipe separator by the iron separator center diverting plate, the ferromagnetic material is adsorbed on the pipe wall, the side door is opened when the iron magnetic material is removed, and the ferromagnetic Remove the substance.

Second, technical characteristics:

1. The use of high-performance ferromagnetic material NdFeB as a magnetic source, high temperature, stable performance, easy demagnetization.

2. The unique design of the magnetic circuit and the double magnetic pole structure make the magnetic field in the material passing through the field powerful and deep, and the suction is 2-3 times that of the ordinary pipe separator.

3. Fully sealed pipe system, external installation of iron remover, to avoid long-term use of damage to the iron remover.

4. Small size, light weight, vertical installation, easy removal of iron. 5. According to the user's site design custom.

Third, the scope of application:

The special iron remover for fine powder is suitable for removing iron from powdery, granular and massive materials in industries such as cement, building materials, chemical industry, grain, plastics, coal, refractory materials, etc. It can be connected with the pipeline and installed vertically.

Electromagnetic Wangfen Iron Remover

1, Electromagnetic Wang Iron Remover is one of the iron removal equipment with good iron removal effect in China. Electromagnetic King Iron Remover adopts pure oil insulation plus water circulation cooling, imported original, magnetic field strength up to 30000GS, powerful suction, strong catching force, It can not only remove the mechanical iron from the raw material during the grinding process (98% of the iron removal effect), but also remove some of the iron oxide (Fe2O3) in the ore that is difficult to remove by the permanent magnetic iron removal equipment. Iron effect Zhuo.

2, low energy consumption, simple operation, raw materials into the magnetic cavity from the feed port, through a strong suction of 30 magnetic chips for iron removal, after the removal of iron through the material outflow port. Iron row is convenient and fast, turn off the power switch of the magnetic cavity, make the magnetic chip lose magnetism, open the water valve to let the water fill the magnetic cavity and then open the iron valve, and absorb the iron magnetic material such as iron chips and iron powder in the magnetic chip, in an instant The iron outlet flowed out to complete the entire iron removal process.

3, Electromagnetic Wangfen Iron Remover is widely used. It is especially suitable for glaze slurry, mud, pigment, feldspar powder, kaolin, quartz sand, coal water slurry, fluorinated oil, and chemical raw materials in 8 mesh--1000 mesh ceramic raw materials. , Food and other industries in the liquid iron ferromagnetic material in addition to iron.

CXJ Series Dry Magnetic Silencer

CXJA series dry magnetic separator is a kind of magnetic separation equipment for continuous iron removal of fine powder. Its internal structure adopts the new advanced technology of Japan. The magnetic system consists of strong permanent magnet Wang NdFeB material, with strong magnetic field and large suction force. High iron removal rate, energy saving, easy maintenance, and ease of use. The magnetic separator can adjust the amount of feed, magnetic separator is suitable for different material particle size requirements. Dry magnetic drum magnetic separator products are widely used in glass, ceramics, cement, abrasives, refractories, carbon black, food, feed, chemical, non-metallic mineral processing and other industries.