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Grid Magnetic separator
Jun 09, 2018

Grid Magnetic separator

First, the grid-type iron remover works:

When the material flows through the grid separator, its ferromagnetic material is adsorbed on the permanent magnet magnetic rod of the iron separator to separate the ferromagnetic material from the material, and is mainly applied to dry iron removal.

Second, grid-type iron separator performance advantages and characteristics

Comparing with the electromagnetic iron remover, this permanent magnetic iron remover does not require electric energy excitation and does not require a control circuit. The internal permanent magnet magnetic bar can ensure that the magnetic force is reduced by only 5% within 8 years and the service life can reach 15 years or more, and can be used repeatedly. The third-generation rare earth magnetic materials are used as magnetic sources. The magnets have high coercive force and high remanence characteristics and can be combined into a composite magnetic system. They have large magnetic force, strong capturing power, large processing volume, and thorough sorting. , reliable operation, easy operation, long life, easy installation and so on.

Its main performance advantages are:

Peak magnetic field strength up to 12000Gs;

Stainless steel fully sealed structure, unique and optimized magnetic circuit design to form a high gradient magnetic field strength, large pull force, good sorting effect;

Compact structure, suitable for all kinds of bulk materials, and not easy to form plug;

Full capture, strong grip, effectively reduce the number of iron unloading, reduce labor intensity;

Strong structure, stable performance, not easy to plug, long service life, easy to clean;

Can be used to remove strong magnet impurities, weak magnetic iron contaminants (such as rust, iron filings) and other fine magnetic impurities;

The standard product adapts to the working temperature ≤ 80 degrees Celsius and can provide high temperature products that can be adapted to operating temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius;

According to the needs of users, it can provide various magnetic field strength permanent magnetic separator designs that can meet the requirements of various endface interfaces.

3. Grate type iron remover application scope

Suitable for removing iron from powdered and granular materials in industries such as new materials, non-metallic minerals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, plastics, ceramics, building materials, coal, and refractory materials, and can be used with belt conveyors, vibration conveyors, and electromagnetic vibrations. Feeder, feeding chute and even irregular-shaped silo and other supporting equipment.