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What Is A Precast Concrete Magnet?
Nov 13, 2017

With development of the construction industry, precast concrete has become a new type of green environmental protection cast-in-place concrete and has been widely used.

Walls, floors, and even roofs, from private homes to a huge building, are more durable, flexible and economical.

Compared with the old on-site casting model, the new precast has many advantages. As a result of these wonderful performances, many construction enterprises use it as their new working method, from Europe, South America to UAE, India, and now also spread to China as well.


Precast Concrete Magnet (Magnetic Box) is a practical and high tech fixed formwork method in casting engineering construction. They are made of rare earth materials and have higher peel strength than other magnetic materials. The magnet is designed so that the magnetic part and the steel layer expand the magnetic flux, thus increasing the contact area. The steel shell then surrounds the magnet to prevent damages, or steel can be used to fix a shell on the magnet.

Precast Concrete Magnet.jpg


The magnetic box (precast concrete magnet) is an important part of the precast concrete system, which is used to fix the concrete to the die and fix the panel.

Be careful while using these precast concrete magnets to make sure that the base is clean and there is no debris. Due to a large air gap between the magnet and the bed, these fragments cause strength loss.


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