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Applications Of Precast Concrete Magnet
Nov 13, 2017

Precast concrete magnet is suitable for various template construction, such as with the appropriate adapter steel formwork and plywood formwork system, by the strong permanent magnet (neodymium magnets) and shielding steel box. The workers can push or pull the above button to make the magnetic box performed adhesive force or not with a steel sticker, which is very easy to control according to requirements.


Precast Concrete magnets and assembly parts for the fixation of shuttering elements or reinforcements have revolutionized the precast concrete industry. This presents a cost saving solution, thereby saving labor costs and improve the quality of precast concrete elements.

GME’s unique combination of rubber and integrated magnets can be implemented in almost any shape. The cohesive force of the whole magnet ensures the precise positioning during the whole casting process.


Here are some applications of precast concrete magnet.


Modular Houses

Based on the short construction time and quality of the construction parts, new precast concrete technology is widely-used in the formwork for the room molds of the different house-types as well as the roof sheeting, staircase molds, balcony molds and a Battery mold for the production of additional partition walls. The houses constructed through such method have been confirmed as earthquake-prevented and storm-proof. The produced elements with such procedure do not have to be flipped, because they are already produced in installation position, thus the freshly concreted parts are quickly ready for transport and further works.

GME Precast Concrete Magnet in Modular Houses.jpg 


Shuttering System

The construction of formwork takes much time and involves expenditure up to 20 to 25% of the cost of the structure or even more. The usage of Precast Concrete Magnets changes this industry by saving labor costs and improving the quality.

GME Precast Concrete Magnet in Shuttering System.jpg