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Finite Element Method Magnetic (FEMM)
Nov 15, 2017

Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) is an open source finite element analysis software package for solving electromagnetic problems. The program addresses 2D planar and 3D axisymmetric linear and nonlinear harmonic low frequency magnetic and magnetostatic problems and linear electrostatic problems. It is a simple, accurate, and low computational cost freeware product, popular in science and engineering. However its educational value has been underestimated. Use of the package in education is quite rare. The aim of this paper is to explore the capability of FEMM to meet as a complementary tool the needs of teaching electromagnetics in higher education. In order to demonstrate its use and exhibit the aid it offers in the teaching of electromagnetics illustrative examples are given. Evaluations in both qualitative and quantitative data have also been conducted and presented. Useful conclusions about its usage and potential applications in the teaching of electromagnetics in higher education are finally drawn.


For better understanding, please see following N38SH distribution of magnetic field lines.

Finite Element Method Magnetics.jpg