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Wet Magnetic Separator In The Dressing Position
Jun 25, 2018

Sorting machine can be divided into different types of magnetic separators according to different working methods. The most common equipments in beneficiation work are wet magnetic separators and dry magnetic separators. Perhaps operators may just start using magnetic separators. The timing of the sorting machine reflects the position of these two devices in the magnetic separation equipment. At the beginning, there are many categories of magnetic separators, and the same special feature is the use of their own magnetic characteristics in the selection of mineral processing technology, but it is not the same as depending on the working methods of magnetic separators. On the other hand, for the more common dry magnetic separators and wet magnetic separators, they are attributed to complementary types of mechanical equipment. The disadvantages inherent in dry magnetic separators are entirely advantageous in wet magnetic separators. reflect. Then Xiaobian will teach us how to choose a wet magnetic separator.

Wet magnetic separators have three types of tanks: downstream tanks, counter-flow tanks, and semi-counterflow tanks. Different tanks do not have the same fine-grained work. The detailed choice depends on the environment, the characteristics of the geology and the material, and then the choice of natural conditions and then the selection of the characteristics of the equipment to prevent the emergence of "not adapted "Operational problems arise.