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Dry Magnetic Separator Environmental Requirements
Jun 25, 2018

GME main types of magnetic separators, mainly dry magnetic separator, high gradient magnetic separator, magnetic separator equipment, dry magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator, magnetic separator, electromagnetic separator, etc. Magnetic Separation Equipment is a company that sells magnetic separators, iron separators, crushers, dust removal equipment, and drying equipment. The production of dry magnetic separators can be said to open up a foundation for the exploitation and utilization of ultra-poor magnetite. The new approach, the environmental requirements are not particularly high. The dry magnetic separator can be used for the pre-selection of low-grade ore, pre-enrichment of ore resources, improve the grade of grinding, and reduce the cost of ore dressing. It can be used for re-election of tailings to recover tailings that are relatively rich in tailings dams. It can be used for magnetic separation purification of sulfuric acid slag dry powder. It can also be used for removing iron from non-magnetic materials. The effect is obvious and the ore dressing cost is low.

The dry magnetic separator is used for the purification of iron concentrate in the magnetic separation plant. It removes the lean organisms and gangue in the iron concentrate, increases the grade of the refined powder, and increases the technical added value of the product of the plant. The magnetic separator machine equipment has the characteristics of a turbulent magnetic field and high separation factor, advanced structure, light weight, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance. Dry magnetic separator is very suitable for arid areas, save water resources and reduce the cost of ore dressing.