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Magnetic Separator Future Development Trend
Jun 25, 2018

With the in-depth development of research on high-performance permanent magnetic materials at home and abroad, the industrialization of magnetic separation equipment and the constant optimization, upgrading and improvement of the magnetic system and the structure of the body of conventional permanent magnetic separators, the permanent magnet magnetic separation equipment has been accelerated and gradually Replace the process of electromagnetic magnetic separation equipment. With the application of automatic control technology and monitoring technology by mining companies at home and abroad, the automation level of mine equipment manufacturing has been correspondingly improved, and the precision requirements of magnetic separation equipment in the field of magnetic mineral separation have become higher and higher. At present, the development of magnetic separators in China is facing the following five trends development of:

Refinement of magnetic separation equipment

Taking into account the actual needs of mineral enterprises in mineral magnetic sorting and production, the beneficiation equipment manufacturers are paying more attention to the refinement of the components of the magnetic separator equipment while continuously increasing the equipment handling capacity. In the design of magnetic systems, more high-performance permanent magnet materials are introduced, and at the same time, the design of the magnetic structure is optimized, and the auxiliary magnetic system is added to minimize the magnetic leakage phenomenon and improve the accuracy of the magnetic sorter for mineral separation.


Magnetic Separation Equipment Proprietary

The continuous expansion of the scope of application of magnetic separators and the refinement of mineral sorting have shown an increase in the sorting characteristics of home magnetic separators, making them widely applicable in various fields and expanding their application fields.


Large-scale equipment

Due to the rapid development of the mining industry and the increase in demand for mineral resources in production and construction, the mining equipment manufacturing industry is constantly expanding. Faced with the situation in which ordinary equipment is difficult to adapt to the gradual expansion of mine production capacity, mining equipment manufacturers are committed to large- Magnetic separation equipment research and production.

The Device update

With the development of social science and technology, the emergence of high-performance permanent magnetic materials, the increasing precision of machining technology, the continuous improvement of assembly technology, and the continuous improvement and promotion of automation control technology, combined with the actual needs of mine production, making magnetic separation equipment The update was further accelerated.