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The Production Cycle Of Samarium Cobalt
Apr 27, 2018

SmCo is a kind of permanent magnet. It has good coercivity, temperature stability, strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Because of its own superior performance, it is widely used in aerospace, defense and military industry, microwave devices, communication, medical equipment, automobile and electronic instrument instruments, mechanical equipment and so on.


Samarium cobalt magnet is a magnetic material made of samarium, cobalt and other metal rare earth materials, which are made into alloy by dissolving, crushing, pressing and sintering. It has high magnetic energy product and very low temperature coefficient. The maximum working temperature is up to 350 and the temperature is not limited. The maximum magnetic energy product and temperature at the working temperature of 180 degrees centigrade. Both stability and chemical stability exceed NdFeB permanent magnet materials.


In general, the production process of samarium cobalt magnet has to go through the following steps: batching, smelting, making ingot, powder making, pressing, sintering and tempering, magnetic testing, grinding, cutting, cutting and finished products.


The whole production cycle takes about a month.