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Our Advantages Of Magnetic Assembly
Apr 27, 2018

1.   Good quality.

Smooth surface, beautiful and durable. We combine the processes of manual sorting and machine sorting to select iron casings that are both beautiful and superior in quality.


Similarly, neodymium magnets are also qualified for manual and machine inspection, magnet quality and product strength.


2.   Production process.

Mature production process, whether it is lathe process or stamping process, we all have very advantages.


The good quality glues. As a magnetic component, the role of glue is very important and it also directly affects the service life of the product. Through hundreds of experiments, we have selected the glue with the best adhesion, which has greatly improved the service life of the product and prevented the shedding of magnets and iron shells.


Sealing process. A good sealing process can well fix the magnet in the iron shell, so a good sealing process makes the iron shell and the neodymium-iron-boron magnet very well integrated. As a whole, the best use advantage of the product is brought into play.


3.   Good strength.

Smooth surface, high-quality magnets, glue with strong adhesion, mature and perfect sealing process, each step of detail has an important impact on the suction of the product, and ensure that the product's suction reaches the ideal requirements.


4.   QC

The production process determines the quality of the product, but the QC process can determine qualified products. Every time we complete a production process, we will carry out manual and machine inspections. Qualified products will be ejected and inferior products will be eliminated. This provides a reasonable guarantee for our quality.


5.   Anti-magnetism package

Magnetic packing ensures that the product is intact during transit.