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What Is The Phenomenon Of NdFeB Burning In The Fire?
Apr 27, 2018

As we all know, the N series of NdFeB is losing magnetic force more than 80 degrees. But what happens if the iron sheet is placed on the fire and neodymium iron boron is placed on it, and the neodymium iron boron burning in the fire?


The magnet will burn and burn when it burns, because the magnet has melting point and even burns, but the melting point and ignition point are very high. (SM Co, Al Ni Co, etc. cast magnets are alloys.)


High temperature will change the molecular structure of the magnet, and the magnetism will weaken or even be completely magnetic after high temperature magnet. This is invisible to the naked eye. Of course, if we just flashed through the flames, the temperature will not change in a wide range. (for magnetic retention, generally, the magnet with temperature below 80 degrees is able to withstand. The magnets of different materials have different temperature resistance, ranging from 80~400 degrees.)


When the temperature of magnets and magnets rises, the amount of electric charge in the strong band of the molecule is more stronger than before, so the magnetic intensity is stronger and the molecular motion is aggravated, which disturbs the molecular structure of the original arrangement rules, and the internal molecular heat movement is getting faster and faster. Therefore, more and more electronic will not listen to the "password" of "queuing". After cooling, the magnet can still restore part of the magnetic force.


When the temperature rises to a certain value, the intense molecular heat movement at last completely destroys the regularity of the direction of the electronic motion, and the magnetism of the magnet disappears. The temperature of magnets and magnets completely disappearing by magnets is called "Curie temperature". The Curie temperature of iron and steel is 770 degrees C.


Some of the design requirements have basically been restored, such as the magnetic steel in the middle of the rice cooker. The method of degaussing is to give the original magnetic object an alternating strong magnetic field and gradually reduce it to zero. The degaussing coil used in real life tapes and televisions is the method used.