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The Importance Of Protecting The Embedded Magnetic Seat
Dec 29, 2017

At present, most magnetic products on the market do not meet the suction standards, and there is no protection for the magnets, resulting in the displacement of embedded parts. The product loss is relatively serious. Many people even think this product is a consumable part. This blindly low-cost sales, do not pay attention to improve the quality of competition, caused the market confusion.


GME embedded fixed magnetic seat products, advanced magnet protection system, which can effectively protect the magnet from the corrosion of foreign matter, improve the wear resistance of the magnetic seat, thereby enhancing the service life of the magnet.


To this end, the material properties of the magnet, as well as the production process of the magnetic seat to make a note, I hope everyone on the magnetic seat product quality problems caused enough attention.

The importance of protecting the embedded magnetic seat.png