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Magnetic Solution For GME Prefabricated Concrete Formwork
Jan 27, 2018

1, The application of magnetic fixtures prospects

In the production of prefabricated components using magnetic fixtures, not only to avoid damage to the rigid platform to extend the life of the mold and reduce the investment of mold, to reduce the cost of prefabricated components play an important role, but also improve product quality.

Based on the prospects for the application of magnetic fixtures, many related equipment manufacturers have started to manufacture and sell fixed magnetic cassettes. From a producer's point of view, the purchase of magnetic fixtures, are long-term use to consider its economic value, if the product quality is not reliable, not only affect the quality of components, from the economy is also a waste; from the equipment supply industry, the market flooded With uneven quality and chaotic prices, it is not conducive to the healthy development and innovation of the industry, and the enthusiasm of product development is even more affected.

2, GME: magnetic solutions for precast concrete building blocks

GME magnet product features:

a. Utilizing magnetic expertise to design the most suitable magnetic modules to meet production needs without wasting magnetic resources and saving customers money.

b. Have rich experience in production to ensure high quality products

c. reasonable price of the product, delivery time is faster.

3, GME expectations of future development

Now, GME magnets are mainly exported to the regions and countries where the housing industry in Eastern Europe and Australia are developing relatively rapidly. In the international community with a certain degree of visibility.

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