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Senior Wall Growth In 2017 12%
Jan 20, 2018

Based on the speeding up of new home starts and the builders 'demand  for precast concrete foundations, Superior Walls' turnover in 2017  increased by 12% over the same period of last year.

Based  on the speeding up of new home starts and the builders 'demand for  precast concrete foundations, Superior Walls' turnover in 2017 increased  by 12% over the same period of last year. Company leaders expect another 10% growth by 2018.

Keith  Weller, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Superior Walls,  said: "The overall construction market has been steadily growing in line  with our product offerings." Our product market share is constantly  growing due to the expansion of our operations and the positive use of  our customers. "

Weller pointed out that the company mainly serves the needs of  builders in the east and midwest, and Carolina recently witnessed  growth.

"Walls continue to target new growth areas, and by 2018 we expect this  to come from some of our growth in Canada and some of the core markets  in the Northeast and Midwest," Weller said.


More powerful economy


"Now,  with the further development of the new construction market, there will  be a sense of growth and stability in our industry." That makes it  possible for everyone to move forward and we also see the acceleration  of construction. The high walls are aligned with this growth and are ready to play an  important role in providing reliable prefabricated infrastructure in our  country and Canada.

"Prefabricated concrete slabs are the future of truly efficient  construction projects, and the benefits of speed, energy efficiency and  reliability far outweigh the price differentials of other  infrastructures.

Superior Walls, an innovator in precast concrete foundations, celebrated 37 years of operation in 2018. The company produces the only foundation that has been awarded the  title of NGBS green certification and has precast concrete system  license manufacturing operations in the United States and Canada.

All  premium wall products are pre-engineered and custom made outside of the  indoor production facility eliminating any on-site soil contamination  such as stencil oil used to cast walls. Due  to the design and manufacture of high-quality wall panels made of  insulated concrete studs, high-grade walls reduce the amount of material  used in building structures, including timber and concrete, and reduce  the carbon footprint of new residential or commercial facilities during  their construction. The panels are delivered directly to the site where certified personnel install prefabricated panels.



Xi team leading growth


According  to Weller, the company's popular high-wall prefabricated concrete wall  panels are still the most popular foundation products. Weller  said: "Choosing an energy-efficient prefabricated Xi concrete  foundation can help to withstand heat losses and make the basement a  more comfortable living area and storage space," Weller said. "Builders  recognize that our wallboards provide both dry and very Energy-saving effect of establishing a new home or business structure. "

Highwall Western Wall Panel Reinforced concrete and 2-1 / 2-inch DOW Styrofoam insulation to prevent wall seepage. The panels are custom engineered and built in a factory controlled environment. Xi wall panels unique features include:

   1. 5,000+ PSI specific
   2. Reinforced roof beams, concrete bolts and foot beams
   3.  Horizontal bars in the top and bottom beams
   4.  Vertical studs in each stud
   5.  Insulated access hole for easy wiring and piping
   6.  Galvanized steel bolts facing the preparation to complete the drywall
   7.  Insulated corners, studs and bond beams

Benefits to homeowners

Advanced  wall prefabricated foundation walls are resource efficient, reducing  concrete use by 70% in new homes compared to the traditional foundation.  The base panel can be installed year-round, even in the harshest and  coldest northern climate, providing homeowners with a warm, dry  basement.

For homeowners, the benefits of advanced wall-based systems are enormous. Energy-saving  walls help reduce energy costs, reduce energy leaks, and provide  greater living space in a comfortable environment. Prefabricated  concrete systems help to improve the indoor air quality in dry basement  environments while increasing the value of the resale of homes.